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At 604 Dental, we are excited about our new dental diode laser!


Dr. Jason Chan received his laser training in Montreal in the summer of 2015 with Dr. Robert Convissar through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Dr. Jason Chan is passionate about using the latest dental technologies to delivery minimally invasive dentistry in a pain-free and safe environment. Dental diode lasers are used to treat conditions such as:

1. Periodontal Disease - laser kills bacteria in gum pockets and in some cases allow bone to grow back around teeth.

2. Esthetic Gum Re-contouring - lasers are used to re-contour gums to give you a beautiful smile.

3. Biopsy - laser can be used to remove suspicious lesions and tumors. Removed tissues are sent to laboratory for further investigation.

4. Tongue-Tie / Lip-Tie - lasers can be used to remove excessive tissues that cause tongue-tie and lip-tie.

And more!

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