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Your needs come first.

Dr. Jason Chan is the founder and owner of 604 Dental. He graduated from New York University as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and he is a seasoned health care provider with nearly a decade of experience.


Dr. Chan enjoys taking his time to educate his patients so that they can make an informed decision about their oral health. He is passionate about the latest dental technologies, and he is a dedicated life-long learner. Dr. Chan has a gentle and kindhearted personality. He likes to take good care of his patients.


Outside the clinic, Dr. Chan is a devoted husband and father of two young children. He enjoys playing golf and tinkering with technology, but dentistry is unequivocally his passion in life, and his true calling.

Dr. Jason Chan

General Dentist

604 Dental - Vancouver

5733 Main Street,

Vancouver, BC V5W 4C7

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