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All 604 Dental clinics are equipped with an "Oral ID" oral cancer screening device. Dr. Jason Chan performs an oral cancer screening test on all of our adult patients every year.


Oral cancer kills 1 person every hour in America. The death rate of oral cancer is higher than that of cervical cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer and laryngeal cancer. The death rate of oral cancer is particularly high because it is hard to discover or diagnose, and also because oral cancer is typically discovered too late. So why haven't you heard about oral cancer? When was the last time you had an oral cancer screening test?

Oral cancer has been described as a disease of lifestyle. The three major risk factors that are associated with oral cancer are: 1. Tobacco use, 2. Alcohol use, 3. Human Papillloma Virus 16 (HPV 16) that can spread through saliva during intimate contact like kissing. Tobacco use pair with alcohol use can exponentially increase your chances of getting oral cancer. A change in lifestyle can lower your chances of getting oral cancer.

I perform an oral cancer screening for my adult patients every year. I begin the screening exam by feeling for lumps and bumps around the head and neck, and then I thoroughly check the tissues inside the mouth to see if there are inconsistent growth and texture. I end the screening exam with shining a specific blue light in the mouth, using a device called Oral ID. The Oral ID lights up all the healthy tissues, and any tissues that are suspicious show up black. The entire screening exam takes about 5 minutes and is non-invasive. Early detection can significantly reduce deaths caused by oral cancer. 5 minutes could save your life.

If an oral cancer screening test is positive, that does not necessarily mean you have oral cancer. It means that something might be concerning, and I may refer you to an Oral Surgeon. The Oral Surgeon may perform a biopsy to get a diagnosis. Depending on the biopsy result, you may be referred to other agencies, such as VGH, UBC Specialty Care or BC Cancer Agency Centre.

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