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​At 604 Dental, we have elected not to place any new amalgam fillings because they contain mercury, and mercury is toxic. At 604 Dental, we made a conscientious decision to reduce mercury exposure to our patients and our team members.

Amalgam fillings are one of the oldest type of fillings. Placing an amalgam filling may require cutting undercuts into healthy tooth structure to mechanically lock the filling into the tooth like a wood joint. Typically the tooth with an amalgam filling can develop a fracture due to these undercuts.

Amalgam fillings are silver when placed into the tooth, and can eventually turn black due to oxidation. Amalgam fillings can also cause the tooth to turn black due to staining.

White fillings (or composite fillings) do not contain mercury. At 604 Dental we make sure the composite filling materials that we use do not contain BPA (BPA free filings). Composite fillings do not require cutting undercuts into healthy tooth structure, and as a result it is more conservative in preparation. White fillings do not turn black due to oxidation.

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