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At 604 Dental, we take emergency preparedness seriously. We never know if a medical emergency can occur in the dental office, so it is best to prepare for the worst.


Dr. Jason Chan actively maintains CPR certification and requires his team to be up-to-date with their CPR certification. Should a medical emergency occur at our dental offices, our team is trained to immediately spring into action to help our patients. All 604 Dental clinics are equipped with:

1. Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) - to revive patients and to save lives.

2. Oxygen tank and Ambubag - to help patients breathe during an emergency situation.

3. Emergency Medication - medication are arranged according to specific medical emergencies so we don't have to waste even a fraction of a second in an emergency situation.


It is our goal to set a new standard for emergency medical preparedness at the dental office in the Lower Mainland. We want to set the bar for other dental clinics to follow.

604 Dental - Vancouver

5733 Main Street,

Vancouver, BC V5W 4C7

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