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At 604 Dental, our goal is to reduce the amount of radiation that is exposed to our patients, and at the same time obtain high quality diagnostic images. The only way to achieve this is through digital x-ray technology. Our offices are equipped with digital intraoral x-rays and digital panoramic x-rays.

Advantages of digital x-rays include:

1. Reduced Exposure to Radiation - by as much as 85%.

2. Enhanced Image - digital x-rays can expand to a large screen television to see every little detail.

3. Immediate Image - digital x-rays produce an image immediately so the patient does not have to wait for films to be developed.

4. Eco-Friendly - no need for polluting solutions such as fixers and developers

Using x-rays is unavoidable in dentistry, and a necessity to make a proper diagnosis. If we must take x-rays, then it is our goal to reduce radiation exposure to a level that is as low as reasonably achievable. We believe that digital x-ray is the present and the future of dental imaging in dentistry. We are excited to be part of this revolutionary technology.

604 Dental - Tsawwassen

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Delta, BC V4L 2P7

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